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Shark Jumped Out of Aquarium!?!

What would you do if your shark jumped out of the aquarium?! I ran into this problem the other day when I arrived at a 500 gal shark tank outside San Diego. I turned on the light to the aquarium and startled the sharks so much that one darted upward, popped off the lid, and started flailing around wildly on the lip of the aquarium! Luckily, the shark fell back in but what should I have done if the fearsome beast jumped out completely?

The answer is pretty simple. The best way to deal with that situation would be to grab a towel, through it over the shark, then grab the towel covered shark and get it back into the tank. The towel covering will act as a barrier making it less likely for the shark to bite you or cut you with a fin.

I'm super glad I didn't have to use this method, mostly because the shark would get stressed out and injured from exiting the water. But it's always good to have a game plan just in case the unthinkable happens. Here a vid of my friend, the epaulette shark hapilly feeding on some shrimp. Enjoy!

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