While working as a Customer Service Analyst at a worldwide energy trading firm, Daniel took an interest in the company’s 150-gallon salt water aquarium located in the headquarters lobby.  He began a mentorship to learn how to best maintain the tank himself and care for its many life forms, turning his interest into a full-blown passion.  Through this tutelage, he was able to work with a wide variety of aquariums and develop a keen understanding of how to both maintain a tank successfully, and also how to operate a successful business doing what he loved.  It didn’t take long for him to abandon his number crunching for a more fulfilling career with aquatics, officially founding Authentic Aquariums in 2010.      


Today, Daniel uses his attention to detail, commitment to customer service, and strong work ethic to bring you a unique and unsurpassed aquarium service.  He believes in the aquarium’s ability to cultivate a deep appreciation for underwater life; an appreciation that results in a larger movement to preserve the world’s oceans and lakes.  He stays in contact with his mentors in the field, and is constantly making new friends in the industry.  He is an active member of the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society and enjoys staying up to date with the latest aquarium trends.  When he’s not working with a customer he is “geeking out” with Coral magazine and the newest aquarium instructional videos.  He is eager to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with you.

About The Owner