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We treat our clients with the utmost respect and always deliver on our promise to create an Authentic Aquarium Experience that entices the senses. We are experts in fish care and compatibility, marine coral cultivation, freshwater plant raising, water quality and filtration, aquatic lighting, wireless remote controllers, and efficient aquarium system maintenance. We work with carpenters, metal welders, and cabinetmakers for custom designs that can be built in to your existing walls and/or floor; or we can keep it simple, setting up a sweet 15-gallon desktop freshwater tank for your home office. We will work with your budget to create an aquarium system and maintenance

schedule that fits your lifestyle.




An aquarium requires regular care in order to cultivate the vitality of its inhabitants and ensure the overall beauty of the tank. A trustworthy aquarist will visit your aquarium regularly and complete all essential maintenance tasks to keep your aquarium in tiptop shape.


A typical service visit includes:

  • Health analysis of livestock

  • Assess all equipment to ensure proper and efficient operation

  • Water quality analysis

  • Nuisance algae removal from all surfaces

  • Gravel vacuum to remove excess nutrients

  • Partial water change to optimize water quality

  • Filters and skimmers cleaned

  • Purified fresh or salt water to replace the tank water removed

  • Addition of trace elements and beneficial nutrients as needed

  • Polishing of outside of aquarium and cabinetry

  • Feed livestock

  • Offer recommendations regarding live stock and equipment


The devil is in the details and we don’t miss a thing! Contact us today!

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